Crazy Tromso Tunnel – the Video

The Tromso Tunnel System was the biggest surprise during my short visit of the City. I find it so astonishing, that I feel the need to write a quick article about my experience. When the Navigation System directed me to

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Best spots for Northern Lights in Tromso

When I was in Tromso I tried to find an article about the exact topic I’m writing about now: where is the best spot to watch the Northern Lights in Tromso. Disclaimer: I’m not an expert for  Northern Lights in

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Recommendations for Planning a Trip to Tromso in Norway

“I wouldn’t even accept money to go to a place, where it’s even colder than in Berlin” told us the Taxi Driver, shaking his head, why on earth Adriana, Kevin and me wanted to go to Northern Norway for a

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Inviting 32 employees to Costa Rica: 6 Takeaways

Do you think working from a far away dream location for 1 month with all your colleagues is a cool idea? Do you wonder if you as company owner should invest a big bunch of money in such a project?

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Paying Attention to Detail

“You changed the way I’ll be drinking Tomato Juice forever, this tastes so good with the Sauce you added …” was my feedback to the Flight Attendent. He understandable was delighted by this nice feedback. But he went a step

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