with or without a beard?

What a desaster, my facorite hockey team lost to arch rival Düsseldorf and is out of the playoffs. Time to get rid of my “playoff beard”. But now, that it’s gone, I wonder if it was that bad? Seems strange to have the faceskin so clean again. What do you think? What’s better for me? a beard? Or better stick to my old look?





And here an overview of the pics…

Hope I get some advice from you…

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3 comments on “with or without a beard?
  1. Catharina says:

    old look – no beard!

  2. You’re not supposed to trim your playoff beard! My son looks like a gorilla, hah. I would say no beard, you look most handsome without any hair.


  3. Tatiana Brennan says:

    Hey you..Handsome!
    I love the facial hair. Looks very masculine and sexy.
    email me Stranger. I wanna know how u been. XXX Tatiana.

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