Are company retreats really a bad idea?

At viventura we try to organise a company-wide retreat once a year. Our staff members are working and living at different cities, mostly in South America. So meeting once a year and work together for a few weeks to really

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Inviting 32 employees to Costa Rica: 6 Takeaways

Do you think working from a far away dream location for 1 month with all your colleagues is a cool idea? Do you wonder if you as company owner should invest a big bunch of money in such a project?

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Paying Attention to Detail

“You changed the way I’ll be drinking Tomato Juice forever, this tastes so good with the Sauce you added …” was my feedback to the Flight Attendent. He understandable was delighted by this nice feedback. But he went a step

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13 Crazy Hotel ideas

At viventura we work hard to get innovative ideas out there, but as a Tour-Operator we are sometimes limited to what a Destination has to offer. Here are some ideas, that are adaptable for South American Destinations also, to give

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