How to visit Hacienda Napoles – Pablo Escobar

Last weekend Adriana and me had a great trip to Doradal, it’s a place about 3 hours drive from Medellin. The place is famous for it’s Pablo Escobar Hacienda Napoles, 20 years ago the hangout of Pablo Escobar. They say, it used to be the biggest zoo in South America.

It’s really a great trip. On one hand it’s bizarre, you know, that this guy has killed thousands of people, made Colombia suffer for so many years and left a negative image that Colombia still has to battle untill today. And then you get to his Hacienda and they made a “Jurassic Park” out of it. The entry is about 6 USD, you get to see old artefacts of Escobars live like his own colloseum, the ruins of his house, the leftover from his cars and most interestingly the Hippos he imported from Africa and survived until today.

That all is combined with a Zoo. that didn’t seem that interesting to me and a sculpture Park of Dinosaurs. It’s well done, as they put a “sound ambiance” into the Park of growling dinosaurs ..

Now some Videos (archive) and some photos of the trip…

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  1. Luis says:

    This post makes me sick! What do you know about Colombia? My family are living in houses built by Escobar in Medellin!!! Escobar is a hero! He has been the only person to help the country since Simon Bolivar! Viva Pablo Escobar

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