Why I live in Colombia

Lots of times I get asked? Why on earth are you living in Colombia? And I always will answer: “because of its people, they always seem in a happy mood and are soooo nice”.

For those, that won’t believe it, here´s the statistical proof. Behind Costa Rica Colombia is teh second happiest place on earth:


The complete report can be downloaded here.

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2 comments on “Why I live in Colombia
  1. Stefan says:

    i think it’s not interpreted (or put) correctly … when you only take life satisfaction (i.e. are the people happy), then the map looks different. then germany is close to colombia and usa is even happier (i suppose they won’t let the happiness be taken from them by a bloodred ecological footprint).

  2. Laura says:

    ignorance makes people happy: (fake) boobs, football and alcohol and there you have it, a happy Colombian.

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