Trip to London: Do’s and Don’ts

London in 4 days. Who much can one see? Along with our friends Kristina & Manfred we went to find out. We had a wonderful time and got to see lots of treasures in London.

My Observations

  • London is not as expansive as one would think: meals start at 7 EUR a 0,5 l beer in a pub is 3 to 4 EUR
  • entries to touristic highlights (apart from some museums) are very expansive
  • there is just immigration when entering the country, none if you are leaving (so you don’t have to arrive as early to the airport as one would think)
  • Here come my tips of “do’s”:

  • take the double decker buses instead of the subways, they are not as fast, bus oftern we got to see in the front seat, and an incredible view that is!
  • packed food in supermarkets seem to be much fresher then in other places, so for a couple of pounds you can get some delicious snacks and have picknick in a park
  • if you like photography the new high rising buildings close to Monument station are great for taking pictures
  • for public transport get an oyster card, it’s basically a deposit card, when you return the card you get the 3 pounds deposit fee back and all the credit on the card
  • when arriving in stansted airport, get a return train ticket, the train is so much faster!
  • once a year London has a “open house day“, try to go that weekend to be able to enter the interesting buildings and the best panoramic views for free. A good view for little money can be achieved at the monument column (3 pounds entry)
  • Here come “don’t s”:

  • when going to a Pub, don’t wait for a waiter, order your beer at the bar yourself, that’s way tips for drinks are uncommon, sometimes you even have to order the meals at the bar…
  • touristic attractions seem to be a ripoff, most of them costed around 22 EUR, just leave them out, to get to now London, you don’t have to enter Buckingham Palace, Madame Tussaud’s or the London Eye..
  • Borough Market is a great place for pictures, but don’t expect it to be a traditional market, 90% of the visitors are tourists, and prices were extremely high, better to come with a full stomach, so your wallet is safe ;-)
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    1. furnace says:

      Wow,you have a great experience in London trip.I always remember your do’s and don’t’s tips,so that i will not facing any problem their.Thanks for your valuable information..

    2. kenneth says:

      I have a friend is on vacation in England and then going to Ireland. I will forward your Do’s and Don’ts.

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