Xian and the start of “my” games

After our first night partying in the Loco Bar, which we highly, recommend we had a easy going day in Xian. We went up the City Walls and toured around the city on a tandem. Great Fun!

(pictures to follow)

At night we met Sophia and she took us to the train station. We took a night train to Beijing, within about 11 hours we would arrive at the Olympic City. Once in the train a flue would show it first effects with coughing and headache. Unfortunately the next couple of days I would have to rest in bed.

On Saturday I couldn’t resist anymore. Athletics started and we had tickets for the day of the 100 m final. So off we went to the stadium. Along with us Chris from Passau and the family of an OZ soccer athlete… We met up at the stadium, once I saw it with my proper eyes I couldn’t believe it’s beauty. What a stadium that was! By far the most spectacular Olympic Stadium I’ve ever seen.. So here are some of my first shot (I took several dozens!!).




Once inside I met up with the rest, it would be a day to remember…

We saw the Heptathlon, 400 metres hurdles, long jump, shortput, 800 meters…


And then the 100 meters final. the only bad thing about it, it went by toooo quickly. When I saw the run I thought to myself, did he really stopped running and nevertheless ran 9,69 ??? Once the replay was shown everybody of the 90.000 spectators couldn’t believe it. Just one man didn’t care, Bolt himself was dancing and having fun on the track…


The next day the flue got back and another day in bad, on monday my father arrived, and I finally went to a doc who ordered me to get an inhalation twice daily. At least he let me go see Germany in Handball on monday night :-)

So monday night, along with my Dad, Miguel and Moe, the DJ of the Deutsches Haus we went to see the game. We just git there in time and the germans had their little corner, but we couldn’t get there. The stadium (which was the smallest olympic handball venue I’s evere have seen) was in danish hand, we hardly could hear the germans. The danish also showed, they were way better on the court today :-( At half time we switched seats and got quiet close to the german crowd just behind our bench…

And after the frustrating result, we took off, Miguel and my father went to see the Athletics, Moe to work and myself to the hospital, where the nurses really loved my hair :-)

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