Recommendations for Planning a Trip to Tromso in Norway

Planning a Trip to Tromso - Northern Lights

Northern Lights close to Tromso

“I wouldn’t even accept money to go to a place, where it’s even colder than in Berlin” told us the Taxi Driver, shaking his head, why on earth Adriana, Kevin and me wanted to go to Northern Norway for a couple of days. It was my wife’s long wish to see the Northern Lights, now the time had come. With this small article I want to give you some advice for planning a trip to Tromso.

Flying to Tromso

Flying Times and Costs aren’t so bad as one would imagine. Including the time to switch planes in Oslo it took us about 7-8 hours each way to get to the final destination. We flew with Norwegian, which was a good option, even if it is a no-frill airline. SAS is also providing flights to Tromso.

Accommodation in Tromso

Now, here its gets expensive. You definitely have to expect room prices above 100 EUR, for example at this bed & breakfast. In lots of cases much higher than this. Now and then you may get lucky looking for a discounted price at a hotel, as we did.

Rental Car necessary?

The main reason for us to go, was to see the Norther Lights. Tromso has lost of Tour Options for the Northern Lights, the Price is around 100 EUR per Person, so quit steep. You get a Rental Car for about 50 EUR a day, so I think you are more flexible with a rental. If I would go again, I would get a rental car again also.

Northern Lights

After arriving we didn’t lose too much time and when “Aurora Hunting”. I tried to look up on the Internet where the best spots are. As I couldn’t get really concrete recommendations, I decided to write an article on this topic: best spots for Northern Lights in Tromso. On this article I will just let you know, how it went:

1. night: we drove around for a 2-3 hours trip, but the sky was clouded, no seeing what so ever

2. night: we went into the same direction, suddenly we saw our first light, pulled over, Adriana cried from joy. What a moment. Lucky us: some minutes later we got a beautiful spot, where a group of tourists already hang out. What a beautiful setting for such a wonderful event. Here are some pics…

Northern Lights close to Tromso

Northern Lights close to Tromso

Adriana & Kevin enjoying the  Aurora Borealis close to Tromso, Norway.

Adriana & Kevin enjoying the Aurora Borealis.

3. night: once again, we went to the same direction, the sky was cloudless, but nothing happened. Nevertheless  we found this beautiful spot:

Waiting for the Northern Lights on our Tromso trip

Waiting for the Northern Lights..

What does Tromso offer?

Tromso is a really nice small city, it lies on a small Island and is connected to the main land with two huge bridges. It lacks mayor highlights, the Polar Museum (see picture below), was nice, but overpriced. You will not miss out, if you don’t go.

Adriana & Kevin at the Polar Museum.

Adriana & Kevin at the Polar Museum.

Tromso has a small pedestrian zone, it’s a nice, short & cold walk, but then you have seen it.

The pedestrian street in Tromso.

The pedestrian street in Tromso.

This is crazy, read on this extra article, where I posted a Video: Tromso Tunnels. Here is one of the entries to this tunnel system:

Tromso Tunnel

Tromso Tunnel


So, it wasn’t crazy at all to go to such a freezing place as Tromso. I actually would recommend at to every traveler, that has seen a lot and wants to have a unique experience!

PS: One final tip: Food is really expensive, one place with decent value was Egon.

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