Sins of my father

Living in Medellin, I always wondered. What happened to the relatives of Pablo Escobar? After seeing “Sins of my father” all questions were answered.

Living in Medellin, your are confronted with the dark past of the city. Family, friends & clients ask a lot about the safety in Medellin and about the drug cartel. (In case you haven’t heard my answer: Medellin has totally transformed and is one of the nicest city to live in in South America).

The history of the drug cartel always fascinated me, so I visited Hacienda Napoles, the “Catedral”, the graveyard of Escobar and the place where he was murdered. If your want to jump back into old times, you can watch this interview of Pablo Escobars photographer:

But the movie “Sins of my father” is not just about the past, but the present. How is it like to be the son of one of the most evil persons in history? What does his son feel for the crimes committed by his father? (something similar German people of my age are confronted also corning crimes of our grandfathers).

It’s a fascinating story, worthwhile to see:

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