Trip to London: Do’s and Don’ts

London in 4 days. Who much can one see? Along with our friends Kristina & Manfred we went to find out. We had a wonderful time and got to see lots of treasures in London.

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North Korea Tour – my Travel Experience

“A country that, takes care of all people, gives work to everybody, where health care doesn’t cost you anything…” This is what I heard from pro-Fidel Cubans some years ago while traveling to Cuba. Would I hear this kind of

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Berlin Restaurant Challenge

My good friend Hendrik left me a informative magazine with insider restaurant tipps. The perfect present, thanks Hendrik. So this weekend I checked all the tips and marked my personal favourites in a little map to make sure I can

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This was 2009

A quick video summary of 2009:

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Sins of my father

Living in Medellin, I always wondered. What happened to the relatives of Pablo Escobar? After seeing “Sins of my father” all questions were answered. Living in Medellin, your are confronted with the dark past of the city. Family, friends &

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