Trip to London: Do’s and Don’ts

London in 4 days. Who much can one see? Along with our friends Kristina & Manfred we went to find out. We had a wonderful time and got to see lots of treasures in London.

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North Korea Tour – my Travel Experience

“A country that, takes care of all people, gives work to everybody, where health care doesn’t cost you anything…” This is what I heard from pro-Fidel Cubans some years ago while traveling to Cuba. Would I hear this kind of

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a week in Ecuador

I just got to Peru after a marvelous week in Ecuador. Along with Sebastien, Carlos & Daniel, our new viventura team members we visited Tom’s office for y week. Yvonne, Tom & Co organized great weekend trips that took us

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Trip to Piedra Blanca

I can’t even remember when I had my last night in a tent… Must have been somewhere in Patagonia some years ago. Adriana is a nature-lover, so this weekend we finally had our first camping expirience. We went to “Piedra

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My TOP 10 Highlights in Egypt

Escaping freezing Germany for a week, we took a tour to Egypt, seeing the best of Egypt in just a week (and I thought viventura tours are well stuffed…). My Photo Gallery isn’t working right now, so here’s a short

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