Artikel im Handelsblatt

Ich schulde euch noch einen Artikel im Handelsblatt vom Mai diesen Jahres, der mir beim Aufräumen meines Desktops wieder in die Hände fiel…

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In german you would say “Arschkriecher” …

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Xian and the Terracotta Warriors

After having visited mostly natural sights we flew further north to the town of Xi’an. It’s the former capital of china and nowadays a “normal” 8-million city. The towns city wall is still in tact and quiet impressive. So is

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Longsheng, China

Miguel and I had a fantastic time in Guilin, we wouldn’t have thought it could get any better, but then we got to Longsheng. It’s a beautiful spot just a few hours north of Guilin and mostly popular with chinese

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South China – Guilin

Tuesday night i flew to Guilin in the South of China to meet up with Miguel, my good friend from Austria. With him I will be travelling for the next weeks… Unfortunatly there is no time to write a lot,

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