Sins of my father

Living in Medellin, I always wondered. What happened to the relatives of Pablo Escobar? After seeing “Sins of my father” all questions were answered. Living in Medellin, your are confronted with the dark past of the city. Family, friends &

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Capurgana – a trip to the Caribbean

Work was intensive these last weeks, lots of interviews, new people to train. etc… So Adriana and me took a long weekend to the Caribbean. A German pal opened a small, but beautiful Lodge close to Capurgana, which is close

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Sabaneta – Colombia

Sabaneta is a nice, charming little town in Colombia. For some years, it’s part of the “Zona Metropolitana de Medellin” as Medellin grew and grew, it accumilated Sabaneta. Sabaneta nevertheless hasn’t lost its charm. The fondas – the little bars,

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Trip to Piedra Blanca

I can’t even remember when I had my last night in a tent… Must have been somewhere in Patagonia some years ago. Adriana is a nature-lover, so this weekend we finally had our first camping expirience. We went to “Piedra

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Handball in Medellin (3.Teil)

Mal wieder was Aktuelles vom Handball… Am Freitag hatte ich die ganze Bande auf einem Grillfest auf unserer mittlerweile sehr beliebten Dachterrasse eingeladen… Tja, da wurde ordentlich gefeiert, gegessen und getrunken. Auch kennen die Jungs nun die niederrheinische Trinkkultur, ein

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