Crazy Tromso Tunnel – the Video

The Tromso Tunnel System was the biggest surprise during my short visit of the City. I find it so astonishing, that I feel the need to write a quick article about my experience. When the Navigation System directed me to enter the first time to drive below this house, I rejected and thought , that the navigation has gone crazy. After driving around for some more time I finally took the courage to enter the tunnel.

This is how the Tunnel looks from the Outside:

Tromso Tunnel Entry

You don’t see a tunnel?  A closer look to the tunnel right in front of the building… The tunnel does not just contain a road, it also has an underground parking facility, which is really popular.

Entrance Tromso Tunnels

Entrance Tromso Tunnels

Tromso Tunnel Video

To take a look, how the Tunnels look & connect inside, please check this quick Video:

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